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"Stretching and distorting reality." Mio.

Contemporary artist from the heart of Europe. Each motive is hand drawn from my imagination which is something extremely important to me and forces me to create my own, personal style based on many years of experience in drawing and anatomical and art craft studies. There is a story behind every motive which sarcastically points to a current issue in our society.

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Lithography is a technique where an artist draws directly on a stone block using ink.

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Mio (Ondrej Michalek  * 31. 03. 1993) is an artist, painter and draftsman. The main subject of his work are large scale paintings on a canvas or board. His style is based on a very personal illustrative and comic style approach, which sometimes shows elements of Pop Art, Street Art, movie posters or even Art Nouveau or classical drawings.


Each motive focuses on a specific topic, mostly showing current events, moods or behavior of our society. The topic then stays hidden behind a flashy image which reflects the principles of marketing (posters, billboards, advertisements) and is shown in a light satiric or even sarcastic way.


The most important element of Mio´s work is drawing. He focuses on developing a highly personal and recogniseable style which is based on many years of intensive studying of drawing techniques and figurative anatomy in which he continues every day. His motives are not subjected to references as he draws them directly from his imagination and pays special attention to perspective and foreshortening. Mio believes that the limitations of a 2D canvas are actually an advantage and breaking through the 2D space into perspective can then really pull in a viewer into the story of his motive. 


Mio´s paintings are currently in private collections across Europe, regularly exhibited in galleries and during events and could be also seen as a part of visual style in collaboration with brands like Albi, Albatros, Harley Davidson or SKODA. 

Current exhibitions (2023):


FitStyle - Hradec Králové - 5.10. - POP UP - 16:00-22:00

PETROF Gallery - Hradec Králové - 9. 11. - 10. 11.

Více info ZDE

Aukce v klidu - 22. 11. - Malostranská Beseda, Praha

Více info ZDE

Bohemian Taboo Road Show - 25. 11. - Palác Akropolis, Praha. Více info ZDE


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Whether you want to purchase art, have an idea for collaboration on an iteresting project or would just like to ask a question, feel free to drop me a line.

I am always open to interesting ideas!

+420 777 237 405
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