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The most important element of    Mio’s  work    is    drawing.

He is constantly working on improving his highly personalized style by studying academic figurative anatomy and drawing techniques. Mio doesn’t use references – he draws people and objects directly from his imagination and pays special attention to perspective and foreshortening. He believes that the limitations of a 2D canvas are actually an advantage and breaking through the 2D space into perspective can really pull the viewer inside of the story he is trying to tell. 

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Mio (Ondrej Michalek  * 31. 03. 1993)

Mio´s visual style finds inspiration in Renaissance drawing and painting, where he ads dynamic poses and masterwork with perspective. The uniqueness of the artist's style lies mainly in his personal linework, which comes directly from his imagination and knowledge.

Drawing, human figure and aesthetics are key characteristics of the artist's work. Each painting begins with a drawing from the imagination without the use of any references that conveys its idea and allows for precise tuning of composition and details. He then moves on to painting with acrylic paints, which allow him to work with surfaces as well as transitions and create layering.

He also enriches some paintings with spray paint. Each work is an expression of his personality and specific emotions that resonate with the given topic. The paintings carry thoughts and allusions to the contemporary world and society, often presented with light sarcasm or hidden behind elegant motives.

Mio’s paintings are regularly Exhibited around the Czech Republic and Slovakia and are currently in private collections all across Europe. In the past he collaborated with brands like Albi, Albatros, Harley Davidson or SKODA.


POP UP EXHIBITION - FitStyle - 30.11. 2023, 16:00 - 21:00, Hradec Králové, Šafaříkova 666/9

My Mythology - Kavárna co hledá jméno - 13.7. - 15.8. 2023, Praha

My Mythology - Bite&Byte, Plynárenská 3E - 20. 4. - 30. 5. 2023, Bratislava


Whether you want to purchase art, want to collaborate or would just like to ask a question, feel free to drop me a line. I am always open to interesting ideas!

+420 777 237 405
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